Mountain Belle Flower Farm grows an abundance of fresh cut flowers for the Durango, Colorado area and the greater San Juan Mountain region of Colorado.  Our unique and heirloom varieties are carefully selected for their beauty and long vase life; as well as being favorable for our cool, high-elevation climate.  Blooms are available on a seasonal basis, from June through September.

Every single flower we produce is hand planted, lovingly tended in a sustainable manner, and harvested at its prime.  And as always, we use absolutely zero harmful chemicals!

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Mountain Belle Flower Farm is excited to be part of the evolution of the Gardens at James Ranch.  For over two decades the Wheeling family has tended this wonderfully productive plot of land, supplying the Durango area not only with wonderful vegetables, but with gorgeous flowers as well. As the Wheelings move on to other pursuits, Mountain Belle Flower Farm is proud and delighted to be continuing this flower-growing legacy at the Gardens at James Ranch.

2019 will be Mountain Belle Flower Farm’s third year leasing space at James Ranch, and fourth year to date growing fresh cut flowers commercially in the Durango area. Mountain Belle Flower Farm has sold entirely wholesale thus far- as bulk stems for florists and wedding/event designers, and also as mixed bouquets available at local retailers. Wedding flowers and farmer’s market sales may be part of the picture down the road, but after having her first baby in 2017, owner/operator Elaine Vidal has chosen to keep it as simple as possible for now.

This year Mountain Belle Flower Farm will be expanding its growing area to approximately 3/4 acre, as well as utilizing the hoop house that is visible from the highway. A new larger hoophouse is also in the works for 2019, to replace the one that was destroyed by mudslides in July 2018. With more space available, and greater options for season extension, there will be many new varieties of unique and heirloom cut flowers available. The focus will continue to be on growing super high-quality, long-lasting cut flowers. And in keeping with the “beyond organic” practices at James Ranch, Mountain Belle Flower Farm uses only sustainable agricultural methods and absolutely no harmful synthetic chemicals.


 “I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to grow and share something real, tangible and beautiful; something that has the power to move people and to feed the soul. Real farm fresh flowers have that power. Flowers that have been drenched in chemicals and shipped in from overseas just don’t have the same luminosity, or ethereal quality to them. I feel truly blessed to be continuing a local agricultural legacy in a very special place, and to be growing my own unique local business that I am truly proud to share with our community.”

                                                               - Owner/operator Elaine Vidal